Welcome to Falling Rock National Park
January 20th, 2014

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park

discarded couches of portland

On this glorious summer day, it was perhaps inevitable that I found a discarded couch. This wondrous specimen currently resides on NE Klickitat, though for how much longer is anyone’s guess.


san diego comic-con 2014


I will be returning to the one and only ComicCon later this month! This year promises to be even more exciting, for the following reasons:
1. I will have the BRAND-NEW Falling Rock National Park #4
2. I will have signed copies of Dear Mr. Watterson on DVD
3. I will be signing FREE POSTERS of Tomb of the Zombies at the Uclick booth.
4. My neighbors, Greg Means (Tugboat Press) and Alec Longstreth (Phase 7) are so awesome I can hardly even look them in the eye.
5. I will have an exclusive, TOP SECRET (unless you follow me on Instagram) print.
…and of course, Henry the Horse dances the waltz.
So come one, come all! Small Press will feel like an oasis of sanity after waiting 6 hours in line to see The Avengers.

comic-con 2012


The long national nightmare is finally over.
Falling Rock National Park, issue 4, has arrived.
All subscriber copies have been sent. SUBSCRIBERS! Look for your copy in the mail next week. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? You can remedy that right here.
This issue includes a story about Carver hunting the elusive Desert Yeti, Ernesto giving sage advice to an aspiring writer, and a press conference. The thrills never end!
If you’d like a copy signed by me as I’m sitting in front of you, come see me at San Diego ComicCon! I’ll be at Small Press, table K-05.

discarded couches of portland

Today I stumbled upon Paradise. A paradise of ratty old discarded couches, at least. This pile of couches was outside the warehouse of a certain liberal arts college. My guess is they are the remnants of the school year. Evidence of a year well-lived. It was truly awesome standing before them. It was almost a religious experience.

discarded couches of portland

Apparently the weekend saw a visit from the discarded couch fairy! I saw this broken-down beauty on the corner of SE Woodward and 45th.