Welcome to Falling Rock National Park
January 20th, 2014

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park

discarded couches of portland

Found this glorious mess just south of SE Stark and 28th.

prints for ComicCon

Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, I whipped up a fresh batch of prints.
When you visit me at table O-6 in Small Press, you will find these three originals.
A WPA-inspired Falling Rock poster and two variations of the Nick Offerman stamp I made last year.
I actually scanned the stamp directly, then added color in Photoshop.
See you in San Diego!



discarded couches of portland

Found on NE Fremont this weekend.
It is looking for its forever home.

jurassic world

In 1993, a movie changed my life forever. For two hours, I believed dinosaurs could once again roam the earth. It was a beautiful dream. Twenty-two years later, a sequel came along that rekindled that dream. Last Friday I saw Jurassic World. It was good. Not as good, nor as life changing, as the original. However, it was well worth the wait.

I spent the weekend reveling in my dinosaur books, making new dinosaur drawings, and generally getting back in touch with one of the great loves of my life.

Of course none of this would be complete without me making a little fan art.

discarded couches of portland

From last week.
One on NE Glisan and the other SE Steele.
discard-couch-6-10-15-2 discard-couch-6-10-15-1