Welcome to Falling Rock National Park
January 20th, 2014

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park


scotland-2000I guess you could say I’m more than curious about the Scottish Independence vote today. My time in Scotland was brief (a semester in 2000), but it was meaningful.

edinburghThere were more than a few occasions when I was mistaken for a local.

josh-scotlandAnd, significantly, my flat was across the hall from the venerable Slider K. Shaftacular. Before there were blogs, we chatted offline about all the stuff you see me writing about today.



discarded couches of portland

Found last Friday near SE 39th and Powell.


falling rock cameo in the gabby douglas story

MV5BMjA0ODM1NTMwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjU5ODUwMTE@._V1_SY317_SX214_AL_Last fall, I received an interesting request. Lifetime was making a biopic about Gabby Douglas, the gold medal gymnastics champ at the 2012 Olympics. The art department wanted to know if they could use a couple Falling Rock National Park comic strips for a scene in the movie.

In the scene, Ms. Douglas is sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper funnies. She and her mom have a little heart-to-heart. Would I allow them to use Falling Rock as one of the comics Ms. Douglas is reading?

OF COURSE, I said. I sent them two comics.


A few weeks ago, The Gabby Douglas Story became available on Netflix. Could this be THE Gabby Douglas story? I wondered. I began to watch.

Sure enough, there is the scene in the kitchen. Ms. Douglas sits at the table, reading the funnies.



It took a few minutes, but I am sure those out-of-focus comics are Falling Rock National Park. Specifically, the two top ones on the left page. Even with my CSI-style Photoshop skills it’s hard to tell, but I was able to verify by matching the black and white areas of the strips.



The Gabby Douglas Story, which I have rated FIVE STARS on Netflix, is certainly worth your time for watching. It joins Dear Mr. Watterson for Falling Rock National Park screen time. I cannot be more proud: a brilliant cartoonist and a gold medal gymnast. Falling Rock keeps good company.

discarded couches of portland

Discarded couch 8-27-14

discarded couches of portland

Today was a great day to be alive. The first discarded couch I saw was just chillin’ on Stark. The second, on 60th near Broadway.