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According to Google Analytics, the top keyword search for this blog in the last month was “Alan Rickman.” When did Falling Rock become synonymous with this British actor? Make no mistake, I’m honored to be in such esteemed company. Mr. Rickman has proven himself a versatile and hugely talented actor.

But, seriously. Why not “comics” or “Falling Rock” or “hott cartoonist?”

Ah, well. Here’s to Alan Rickman. May his name drive traffic to my blog for many years to come.young+rickman

Discussion (2)¬

  1. McBone says:

    Funny, I just watched an Alan Rickman movie last night. "Bottle Shock." Pretty good.

    That's pretty bizarre though. Have you ever blogged about him before? I can't remember anything. You'd think "Beatles," or "robots" or "Rashida Jones" would come up with more frequency.


  2. Kid Shay says:

    Yep, on February 5, 2009 I mentioned Alan Rickman's role in Die Hard. That was it.

    The internet is a mysterious place.