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why should you See America First?

Behold, the cover to the fourth Falling Rock book collection.see-america-first-brown-paper-low
But why is it called See America First! ? Actually, like most of my best ideas, I stole this one from the railroads.see-america-first-glacier-national-park
See America First was an advertising campaign begun in 1906 by the Great Northern Railway, an effort to lure well-heeled Easterners to the new(ish) national parks in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and California. Previously they had been spending their riches all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, vacationing in lush Switzerland and Poland, among other European countries.

The ads were incredibly successful; thousands of people purchased train tickets West instead of plane tickets to Europe. The national parks achieved a much-needed attendance boost and the railroads saw a tidy profit. Everybody was a winner.

Today, a little more than a hundred years later, Falling Rock National Park needs a similar influx of visitors. Since you can only visit Falling Rock by reading the comic strip, I suggest you purchase a copy of See America First! online or in one of the comic book shops that carry my fine publications.

See America First! will be available very soon; expect an announcement regarding availability in the coming week.see-america-first-mt-rainier

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