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There was a very funny running gag on the show Arrested Development. George Michael Bluth kept telling his father, Michael Bluth, about his girlfriend Ann. Michael, who couldn’t hide his distaste for the poor girl, kept forgetting who she was and what she meant to George Michael.

A typical conversation would go like this:
“I’m taking Ann to the dance tomorrow night.”
”Ann. My girlfriend.”
”Have I met this lady?”
”You’ve met her a number of times.”

The “Ann/Who?” conversation was repeated every single time George Michael brought Ann up.

Which brings me to John McCain’s pick for VP: Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska. I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Who?” You know, Sarah Palin. The gun-lovin’, abortion-hatin’, governor of the state that people go to when they don’t want to be around people anymore. The bear delegation will be having a party tonight!

Psst – she’s a woman! Isn’t that revolutionary? It doesn’t stink at all of desperation on the part of McCain. It isn’t like he was trying to fill some kind of quota with the first available warm body he laid eyes on. He was totally going to pick a completely unknown, relatively inexperienced politician from the beginning. After all, it has worked before.

Now, finally, girls have a role model in the Presidential race. The Democrats sure messed that one up. Leave it to the Republicans to take the nation’s pulse and give us what we need. Sure, Palin is currently under investigation, but what role model hasn’t had to hide a few bodies in the basement from time to time? I know I have!

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