who am I following on twitter?

Tom Hanks
Bill Watterson (likely fake)
A zombie
A ghost
A pirate
2 dinosaurs (stegasaurus and olorotitan)
Fake David Bowie
Mount St. Helens (usually dormant)
Lady Liberty
DJ Roomba
Zeus, King of Gods
Liam Neeson, player of Zeus in the remake of Clash of the Titans
Slider K. Shaftacular
Andy K (it is the only way I can legally follow him, due to court
restraining order)
3 otters (1 sea, 2 river)
Free Will
Lord of the Flies
Old Scratch
Mr. Furnace Boots
(okay, I made that last one up)

And, Tweeting from the Great Beyond:
Kurt Vonnegut
Timothy Leary
Ken Kesey
Ella Fitzgerald
Sir Winston Churchill

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