Falling Rock National Park officially welcomes baby James K. Shaftacular to the world.  We extend our warmest wishes to the Shaftacular clan, especially Mrs. Shaftacular, who, let’s be honest here, did most of the work.malcom-baby-joshshalek

This robot was specially designed to guide James through the more challenging aspects of the world, including Super Mario Bros. 2 and girls. Congratulations to all those at West Lawn Park.  I look forward to drinking pints with James in about 21 years or so.  In the meantime, maybe orange juice?

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James K. Shaftacular (the "K" stands for Kenneth-Frequency-Harrelson) is doing quite well. The robots have been defending his nursery for a month and are already doing their job.

He's now just 22 hours old and yet he already has a girlfriend. Her name is Cordelia and she is 4 weeks old. Cougar! Oh yeah.

McBone joins Falling Rock in bidding young Shaftacular a fond welcome to this world. It's a crazy-ass place, junior. Enjoy the ride.


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