welcome back to falling rock national park: SEASON 5

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park returns in one measly week!  I can hardly believe it myself; the summer just flew by.

This will be the fifth year of Falling Rock, the longest stretch of time I’ve drawn one comic strip.  My previous personal record was with The Family Monster, which lasted four years.  Even though the length of time is greater for Falling Rock, I drew more strips for The Family Monster because it ran five days a week year-round.  Since I moved to the McClatchy-Tribune Campus, I’ve drawn strips for college newspapers, and they have little need for material during the summer holiday.

Although you haven’t seen my mad cartooning skillz on display these past months, don’t mistake that for mere idleness.  I’ve been hard at work on my latest comic book, an 88-page adventure starring everyone’s favorite undead monsters.  I’m about halfway done inking it and will be shopping it around to publishers as soon as the final page is dry.  Soon, I hope!

What can we expect this year at Falling Rock National Park?  Will Carver’s ship finally come in? Will Ernesto overcome his fear of scorpions?  Will Dee have a meaningful conversation with another human being for once?  Will Pam become a bestselling author?  Will Melissa sell out and install her art at the BP Headquarters?  Stay tuned to my website for answers to these burning questions, and more.

It’s good to be back!

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