website updates

I spent a few hours over the weekend updating my website. My goals were:
1. Decrease loading time for the background images.
2. Maintain site style.

I hope I achieved the first goal by drawing new backgrounds that aren’t as colorful as the old watercolor ones. I liked the watercolors, but I noticed they took way too long to load on most people’s computers. I have to assume nobody will wait a full 30 seconds or more just to see if a background will load on a page they’ve never visited before.

I’m using brown paper (AKA craft paper) for most of my backgrounds now. It reminds me of desert sand, and I like what it adds to my black and white line drawings.

I have to say, updating my website is by far the least favorite thing I do for my comics. It ranks somewhere below sweeping around my drawing table for eraser shavings. I’m never able to do what I really want to do, and every change requires many, many updates to the html code. I always forget a few until I go online to check the site and find a broken link, or a lost image, or something in the wrong place. I also haven’t figured out how to make a background fit all computer screen sizes. Nothing works the way I want it to.

All of this is a long way of saying I’m a cartoonist, not a website designer. (In my list of second careers, I’d rather be a paleontologist, sound engineer, sound mixer, or librarian. Or dinosaur, of course.)

Let me know what you think when you visit the updated website. Really, I just want it to be easy to read Falling Rock. Everything else is frosting.

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