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vigil the ante and friends #1

Don’t let the #1 mislead you. This was actually my third or fourth full-length Vigil the Ante story. I numbered them all 1 so they would be collector’s items.

I present, in it’s entirety, my last Vigil the Ante comic book. Completed in 1996, published worldwide now for the first time.vigil-cover vigil-1 vigil-2 vigil-3 vigil-4 vigil-5 vigil-6 vigil-7 vigil-8 vigil-9 vigil-10 vigil-11 vigil-12 vigil-13 vigil-14 vigil-15 vigil-16 vigil-17 vigil-18 vigil-19 vigil-20 vigil-21

3 replies on “vigil the ante and friends #1”

This kind of Evil leaves a bad taste in my mouth…oh man, you kill me sometimes.

Thank you for this delightful glimpse into the Kid Shay archive. Can't wait for the next episode, after a few words from our sponsors…


It's surreal that the blog allows me to share stuff I drew so long ago.

I'll have to dig up the other issues…

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