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Two Movies

There are two movies I’d like to make.

One is a ghost story set in a ghost town in Arizona. Has this been done already? It seems like an easy fit. You walk into this area that was once a thriving community. Now, however, it is nothing but a few broken-down structures. You might see a chimney or a general store. All around you is desert. At night, the stars come out. There is no glow from electric light in the streets or on the horizon. No other people around… I’m giving myself goosebumps just thinking about it.

The second would be a montage. I’d like to recreate all the famous monster sightings. There’s the Bigfoot film, where you see a large furry human-shaped beast walking through a forest clearing. I could also include the Loch Ness monster picture, but add a bit of narrative. The clip could begin with a wide shot of the Loch, then zoom in to where there is a disturbance of the water. The monster’s head would rise up, you would see the monster swimming for a few meters (we’re in Scotland, so there aren’t feet and yards), then slowly dip back under water. I imagine it would be around twilight. I would have to include dozens of UFO sightings. Strange lights that flicker briefly overhead then disappear, saucer-shaped objects moving in ways that airplanes cannot, things that fly fast then stop quickly, then go behind some trees, never to be seen again. Are there any well-known films I’m forgetting?

It would be so much fun making movies like this. All you need is the equipment, the staff, and a couple million dollars. Why doesn’t everyone make a movie?

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