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twitter killed jason?

jason axJason Voorhees. Until today, I thought he was simply indestructible. That is, until the online text message dumping ground that is Twitter alerted me to the fact that Jason is, perhaps finally, dead.

While responding to questions, the producer of the recent Friday the 13th remake said about a possible sequel:

it is dead- not happening.

and later:
i simply can’t get one made right now.

This is how Jason dies?? Not by stabbing, beheading, drowning, burning, drowning again, exploding, freezing, or burying? Death by Tweet?

We shouldn’t be carving the epitaph right away. If I know Jason, he will find a way to stage a comeback. But really, it is a depressing way for a screen icon to go. I hope that Twitter won’t kill off any more Hollywood legends, but if it does, I hear you can kill Twitter by simply going to a different website.

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