tucson comic-con

I’ll be at the Tucson ComicCon this Saturday, November 6th!
It is at the Hotel Arizona in downtown Tucson, which is located somewhere in this photo:tucsonvalley
Hope to see you there.

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  1. Hey Josh, I saw you at Comic-Con. I told you I liked your art style (which I do), but I didn’t buy anything (sorry). I did, however, Google to check out some more of your work, and lo and behold I saw Alec Longstreth on your blogroll. I went to Oberlin a couple years behind you guys, but I bought the first few issues of Phase 7 at Matrix Games. Small world!

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’ll keep reading and eventually my cheap ass will buy something.

  2. And hey, look, there’s Ken Levine and some guy from Double Fine. Excellent taste in games. Maybe you’d like my blog.

  3. Kid Shay says:

    Glad you found me here on the internet. What an amazing coincidence about Alec and college! I hope to do the Tucson Comic Con again next year, so maybe I’ll see you then.