tucson comic con 2010

 tucson wash    Saturday November 6 marked the Third Annual Tucson Comic Con.  There were so many highlights, it was like one giant flourescent day.  Tucson never had anything like this when I was growing up, which made it especially great to be a part of now.  For being a city full of talented, creative people, Tucson is short of events to showcase said talent and creativity.  Many, many thanks to Mike and his team for pulling this off so well.  (You can see Mike here, on the left with his epic beard.)
tucson comic con4
Unlike the Hotel California, you can actually leave.
I, too, have domineering stage parents.
tucson comic con2
My new favorite convention pose.
tucson comic con3
His favorite pose.

I got YouTubed!  Wait for me, I’m at the end.  Thanks, Victoria.

Awesome trades!  People you should check out:
Kelly McBrady
Jack Crawford
Tavis Maiden
The Fine Gentlemen at Spazdog Press
Kozak Komiks

I hope to return next year when the Comic Con will be at the Tucson Convention Center.  Comics cannot be contained!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. McBone says:

    Nerdiest Jedi yet.

    Hope you worked it, baby.


  2. kenan says:

    Apparently you haven’t made enough drawings of Ernesto vamping in a bikini.

  3. Kid Shay says:

    You’re right. Although, as Falling Rock’s resident Babe of the Month, Pam should be the bathing suit model.