top 40, march 2010

As inspired by comics guru John Porcellino in King-Cat Comics, I present my current Top 40 – in no particular order.

1. Map of My Heart, collection of King-Cat Comics by John Porcellino.
2. Tyrant. Dinosaur comic book by Steve Bissette.
3. Batman as drawn by Kelley Jones.
4. The Apartment, Jack Lemmon
5. Newspapers that mention my comics! (TimeOut Chicago being the most recent…)
6. IRM, Charlotte Gainsbourg
7. Animatronic dinosaurs, until we can get some real ones.
8. Beatles Rock Band
9. July Flame, Laura Veirs
10. Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary
11. WPA posters
12. Quiche
13. Pancakes made by my wife.
14. Spring bloomin’
15. Jurassic Park 3, surprisingly good.
16. Bend, Oregon
17. Roast Beast
18. Working on my next Falling Rock book collection. (Book 4.)
19. Knowing the Portland Beavers minor league baseball team will be here at least one more season.
20. My Weakness is Strong, Patton Oswalt
21. Live at the Harlem Square Club, Sam Cooke
22. Conan O’Brien in Eugene, Oregon
23. The Oscars, even though my favorites didn’t win (again).
24. Yeti Imperial Stout, by Great Divide Brewing Company
25. Jubel 2010, by Deschutes Brewery
26. Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson
27. Sada Chai
28. Columbia Sportswear
29. The parents who named their baby daughter Ke$ha
30. My cat sitting on my chest while I read late at night

…and more…
* * *

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