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tomb of the zombies

After a year of drawing, my new comic novel is finished.

Tomb of the Zombies is 88 pages in beautiful black & white.  Kate Crane, while on her summer college break, travels to Egypt to help her mad scientist uncle with his latest project.  When Kate discovers that her uncle has been raising zombies, she must decide whether or not to save the undead from a life of slavery.


While Tomb of the Zombies is a stand-alone story, I like to think of it as the second in a thematic trilogy that began with Dancing With Jack Ketch.  I don’t yet know how Zombies will be published; I’ll be taking samples to San Diego to drum up interest at Comic Con.  If you, dear readers, know of anyone who might be interested in publishing a comic book about Egyptian zombies, please direct them to me.  I will love you forever.


While it took me a year to actually draw Tomb of the Zombies, I got the idea many years ago, when I was living alone in a basement studio in Boulder, Colorado.  The original story was about a huckster who was raising zombies in the shadow of a pyramid and teaching them to dance.  He was going to take his show to Vegas and make a million bucks.  I was writing it as part of the comic strip I was drawing at the time, The Family Monster, but the story became so long and involved that it was going to take a month or more to tell the whole thing in strip form.  I put it aside but never forgot the idea of zombies who weren’t just intent on eating the brains of the living.


About two years ago, after the runaway success of Jack Ketch,* I was trying to decide what my next big project would be.  I found my notes about the dancing zombies and decided to give it a go.  After maybe six months of writing I got a draft that made me happy.  As I was penciling, I decided to make this doubly challenging by inking with a brush.  I’d been wanting to try the brush again after leaving it behind in high school.  Bill Watterson inked with a brush, and that turned out pretty good.**  Maybe I could achieve good results as well.  88 pages + a cover later, I’m glad I went with a brush.  The line is more expressive, and I think it gets closer to the style I have in my mind – the style I’ve been aiming at for all these years.


I hope that you will all get to read this book soon.  I’m certainly excited about it.




*Overstatement alert.

**Understatement alert.

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