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img_20090507…is perhaps the closest I’ve come to transcribing a real conversation with my brother. I’m not going to reveal who is who in this dialog except to say that, whoever you think is better looking, is me.

Falling Rock is run mainly in college newspapers, so we take a summer holiday since nobody would be around to read it anyway. The last new strips of the 2008-2009 year are running now and will run through May 15th. I usually do summer repeats, but if you, dear readers, have a better idea I’d love to hear it. The blog will continue on through the summer, spreading rumor and scandal in its wake. Never fear! Friday Robots never rest.

It’s been a good year for Falling Rock. I’m comfortable writing the characters and I found a drawing pen that I’m happy with. My goal is to get this comic syndicated in the dailies; this year I felt Falling Rock could stand up beside the majors. If you want proof, check out my archive or buy my book. Either way, spread the good word. Good readers like you are hard to come by.

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