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this is water, by ian wilson

A while back I casually mentioned my friend Ian Wilson was releasing his first full-length album, This is Water.  I like making big announcements with an understated, New Englander nonchalance; I think it’s funny.  Time passed and Ian worked like an unpaid intern, tweaking a beat here and a backing vocal there.  Well, dear readers, Mr. Wilson has officially released his first magnum opus!
Ian asked me to return for album art duty and I wasted no time accepting the offer.  Listening to the demos, I was determined to draw something as grand as this was going to sound.  Ian added to the expectations when he dared me to dream in technicolor.  As you can see, I went with a muted, two-tone blue.  When you listen to the album, you’ll hear why.
The album has six panels, of which I drew six.  Here are the finished drawings before text was added.  I inked them using two (maybe three?) brushes of different sizes on Bristol board. Color was added using Photoshop.
And here is what the inside panels look like once text, including a quote from Mr. David Foster Wallace, was added.
There you have it, spoilers galore. Ian believes, like myself, that there is something inherently special in physical works of art, be they albums or books.  There are some things best enjoyed when not displayed on a screen.  Pop This is Water into your player (or, okay, put the CD on your ipod) and look at the album art while you listen.  It’s a fulfilling experience.

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