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Fear not, dear readers.  Despite the scarcity of recent posts, I continue to be alive and somewhat productive.


Falling Rock returns this month! I’m working on the beginning of Season 6.  New episodes will be posting before the end of the month.  Despite some reader’s concerns, absolutely nothing happens at Falling Rock over the long hot summer, so don’t expect any flashbacks or long bouts of exposition regarding our time away from Ernesto, Dee, Carver, Pam and Melissa.


Tomb of the Zombies is still under consideration by at least one publisher.  If I get nothing but rejection, you can rest assured a self-published version will surface, maybe even in time for APE.


What else?  I’ve been doing a little blog-cleaning.  My categories list was a mess, so I’m trying to label every post under a smaller number of categories:  autobiography, comic, fiction, history, friday robot, reviews.  We’ll see if that makes this blog easier to navigate.  At least you’ll know when I’m making stuff up (fiction) or being honest with you (autobiography, comic, history).


More soon!

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