the onion av club review

see-america-first-brown-paper-low The first review of See America First! has been published, by no less than the venerable AV Club: COMICS PANEL April 23, 2010 (scroll down to find it). This is my second Chicago connection in a matter of weeks; my stock in the Windy City is apparently on the rise.see-america-first-powellsA full recap of Stumptown Comics Fest is on the way! Stay tuned.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Slider K. Shaftacular says:

    I never thought much about the word recognition before. But now I get it. Congratulations. The first of many, I believe. I'm trying very hard to expand the Wisconsin cult of your personality.

  2. Kid Shay says:

    I appreciate that, Shaft! Interestingly, Madison is where The Onion got its start.