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the most evil font

There is evil in the world, and it has taken the form of a font. The devil created this font. It was born of a jackal. You have probably seen this font in use. Evil’s earthly form has a name: COMIC SANS.Comic+Sans+MS

What is this font that gives me goosebumps? It brings to mind all that is wrong with the world. Deceitfulness, armed robbery, ATM fees, the bubonic plague: all can be found to stem from this font. COMIC SANS.

The self-consciously goofy letters, designed by a programmer to look like comic strip lettering, make me wince whenever I see them. Regardless of context, Comic Sans MS is a terrible, terrible font. It makes invitations look crude and forced. It makes inter-office emails look unprofessional. It’s the candy corn of fonts: fake, super sweet, and ultimately unfulfilling. Empty calories.

It has the foul stench of rotten design. COMIC SANS.

One of my many problems with Comic Sans MS is the same problem I have with anything designed to be “fun” or “for kids.” It panders, it is condescending. It makes the reader feel as if you were called stupid. Yes, a font can do this to a person. It is even more insidious because there is nothing you can point to and say “this is what you think of me.” No, it’s subliminal. It isn’t the words, but the font that is mocking you.

I live in a world allowed to use Comic Sans MS without regulation. We have gun control for a reason. We don’t allow babies to drive cars, or airplanes (or even trains). Why, then, are people allowed to use horrible fonts without any oversight? There are plenty of perfectly suitable fonts for any occasion. Seek them out. There should be Design Police for this sort of travesty. Sadly, we live in a country where artists are considered one caste below street jugglers. Who is going to listen to an artist’s opinion? Nobody, that’s who.

Just like one of the ten plagues from the Old Testament, Comic Sans MS was visited upon us for our sins. And like the ten plagues, we cannot be rid of Comic Sans MS until we begin to live right. Join with me and my fellow travelers. Stop the use of Comic Sans MS, and make the world a better place. Know hope.

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Well learn something new every day! I totally see your point! I will never again use the most evil font. I would welcome your font advice on my blog, if you think I’ve done something evil. I might have created evil on my blog and not even known it!

I'm happy to report I see no evidence of evil on your blog. All I see are a bunch of pretty pictures. Safe! There will be no need for a blog exorcism.

Good design, while perhaps not as important as food & shelter, is nonetheless something to fight for.

I always liked it (for certain things… not office emails or anything “professional” like that) because it looks like handwriting…
Bad me.

I consider myself evil, and I cannot even aspire to the pure concentrated evil Comic Sans, without failing horribly.

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