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the most beautiful band (in the room)

coldplayEveryone should take a listen to this new band I just discovered. I hope to make a few converts by singing the praises of Coldplay.

Coldplay is a band that hails from England. Like the visionary British group Herman’s Hermits, I am sure Coldplay will one day rule the radio airways. Today, however, Coldplay remains a largely unknown group of rockers playing local bars and the occasional wedding. Soon after this blog post, I hope that Coldplay will sweep the US of A with their infectious brand of pop. A new British Invasion (I hope!!!)!!!

Viva la Vida has been playing nonstop on my car stereo for days since I discovered it tucked away on a shelf at my local neighborhood Wal-Mart. I can’t believe nobody else has heard of them! I guess it is my luck that I can now “spread the good word” about the greatest thing since the electric turkey carver (incidentally, I also picked one of those up at Wal-Mart for only $14.67).

Track by track Viva la Vida holds up to such classics as the Eagles’ “Greatest Hits,” Steve Miller Band’s “Greatest Hits,” and a mixtape I made in the 90’s called “Smash Hitz.”

Track one, Life in Technicolor, starts off in a rollicking manner with an accordion accompanied by what sounds like a howler monkey being neutered.

Track two, Cemeteries of London, has the audacity to use a full-on mariachi band. Can you believe it? I bet nobody has ever done that before.

Track seven, the single and title track, is so ingrained in my mind that it is now coded into my DNA. I can’t wait until I die frozen in a glacier and 10,000 years from now future scientists can use my DNA to recreate Viva la Vida. I bet they’ll flip out!

Yes, dear readers, Viva la Vida may be better than entire food groups, but don’t take my word for it! Rush out to your nearest big box retailer and purchase a copy for yourself! Then shove the disc into your car’s stereo system and blast it for all the world to hear. Your neighbors will undoubtedly ask you what all the ruckus is about, and you can proudly say, “That ruckus is Coldplay.” And a new convert will be converted.

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