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the garfield effect

In an effort to dredge up my entire life history on this blog, I present you with perhaps the most important letter I have ever received.  For the full back story, please read this post.

The short version is: when I was a kid, I wrote a letter to Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, imploring him to stop the exploitation of his characters.  What I got back was a very nice form letter.  He did sign it, at least.garfield-letter
This letter changed the course of my life.  Soon after, I started reading Calvin & Hobbes.  Bill Watterson’s strict ethic about his work and the control of his characters resonated with me.  I had seen the dark side, and I never wanted to look back.

Now that I have my own comic strip, I look at Jim Davis and Bill Watterson’s ideas as opposite sides on a spectrum.  There is plenty of ideological space between the two.  Note that I’m not against licensing my characters.  But when that fateful day does come, I will have a balanced view.

I’m glad I had this devastating experience as a kid, or I wouldn’t be the fully-formed adult I am now.

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