The Angriest Duck

Happy belated birthday to Donald Duck!

The world’s most irritable fowl celebrated his day of birth, according to this cartoon I saw over the weekend. Does anyone know how old he is, exactly? And, do ducks celebrate their birthdays when their mother lays the egg or when they hatch out of it? So many questions.

I’m guessing he has gotten even more angry as he’s gotten older. There are so many things to get angry about nowadays. Music piracy, global economy, looser morals among “the kids,” Disney’s firing of its venerable 2D animation department. It’s enough to make you want to punch a guy.
I always felt that Donald had the most personality of all the Disney characters. He could get angry, which made him more sympathetic than the mouse. Goofy was silly but a little thin as a character (except for those driver’s ed cartoons in which he turned into a road raged madman). Donald, you could actually imagine running into him on the street. Just don’t make eye contact.
Rewatching Donald’s cartoons as a grown person I realized that he was put upon. He never wanted to be angry; things just happened to him. This made me identify with him even more. It’s like one of my favorite sayings: an optimist is a person who tells you to cheer up when things are going his way. Donald wants to be an optimist, but the world keeps getting in his way.

We wish you well, Donald. Don’t let your lawyers sue me.

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Oh man, these screen grabs really take me back! I used to love watching those old Disney Cartoons. Donald Duck was always one of my faves… Man, HD&L had good handwriting, huh?!

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