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the 3rd anniversary of friday robots

friday-robots-logo-colorFINAL This week marks the third anniversary of Friday Robots.  Three years ago, I began drawing robots to usher in the weekend.  At the time I had no idea whether I’d continue drawing robots weekly.  Since I am, by nature, deadline driven, posting robots every Friday became part of my life.  I haven’t missed a single week since Friday Robots began.

Friday Robots began in my sketchbook before I even had a blog.  I drew these blocky shapes whenever I didn’t know what I wanted to draw.  They all seemed to belong together.  I started calling them robots, even though it was apparent that they had no obvious purpose.  I was like an inventor of completely useless inventions.  I found this hilarious.

Over the course of 155 posts and one YouTube video, Friday Robots have taken on many forms.  It is a fun challenge every week to post something new, different, weird, and frequently baffling.  Sometimes I spend only a few minutes drawing the robots.  Sometimes, like this week, I spend a few hours.

My two partner bloggers, Stabbone and McGraw and West Lawn Park, have generously agreed to post something about the Third Robotiversary, so please check them out.  Together, we form a blogging triumvirate that future internet historians will discuss endlessly.  Today we all celebrate Friday Robots.

Here is the special edition Third Anniversary Friday Robots.  They are based upon my very first Friday Robots.  Celebrate Friday with Robots, and celebrate Robots because it’s Friday.friday-robots-11-6-10

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Love the evolution of the original 4. This has been a pleasure sir. Friday Robots 4-ever!


Amongst numerous other reasons, I like Friday Robots because they bring stability to my life.

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