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Tanner ’08

From the AFL-CIO website, a good summation of Barack Obama’s biography and positions.

I’ve joked before about the parallels between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. But there was a kernel of truth in the comparison. Both began their political careers in the state of Illinois. Both turned away from lucrative law practices to pursue the more unsteady life of politics. Both wanted our nation less divided. Fortunately, I doubt Obama will have to deal with a red-state secession should he be elected. What is sad to me is the completely unfounded belief of many that he’s either a) a terrorist or b) out to disenfranchise the white working class.

As a member of the white working class, and as someone from Arizona, I can say McCain would be, perhaps not the most unwise choice, but certainly someone who doesn’t understand the dealings of this post-Cold War world. Obama gets it. The debate last night was not revelatory, but what it did show was an angry McCain lobbing half-baked attacks on Obama, with Obama calmly shrugging them off. There are plenty of real issues at stake; do we really need the candidates talking about their hurt feelings over campaign ads?

I hope we can move beyond the Bush years of extreme partisanship and warmongering. What we need is a president who can follow a middle path of fiscal responsibility and social reform. Obama is that candidate.

And hey, if not Obama, what about this guy?tanner-88 gary-michael-robert
Garry Trudeau and Robert Altman put together the mockumentary Tanner ’88 for the 1988 presidential election. In it, Jack Tanner, the liberal and fictional Democrat from Michigan, ran for President – ultimately failing at the Democratic National Convention. I found it still holds up. Sure, there are the dated references, but the key ideas remain viable (and interesting). It’s just as silly running for President today as it was twenty years ago.

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