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exciting portfolio news

My portfolio page now contains these two new watercolors. Both were made with watercolor then india ink for the outlines.watercolor-tiered-desert-landscape2 watercolor-tiered-desert-landscape

Unlike most of the watercolors I’ve done, these were not made specifically for website backgrounds, hence the lack of empty space in the paintings. I was so happy with how they turned out I had to share them with you. Enjoy!


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Portfolio: watercolor collage

Watercolor and photograph collage, stitched together in Photoshop. The landscape is New Mexican.watercolor-desert-photo-collage

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friday robots on easter island


I painted this watercolor in high school. I was really into those crazy Easter Island heads back then. When I found this painting recently it looked unfinished. I first tried overlaying an ink outline, also done in brush so as not to detract from the overall aesthetic.
easter-island-joshshalek-ink-outlineThis was nice, but it still seemed to be lacking something. Something…robotic. So I made turned an old watercolor into this week’s Friday Robots!
friday-robots-1-25-13Have a great weekend everybody!

picture book

What follows are a few pages of a children’s book I was hired to illustrate back in 2015. The book hasn’t hit shelves yet, so I am omitting the text and only presenting the art as an example of my work. I drew these on two sets of pages, the ink outlines on one and the watercolors on another. I then put them together digitally.
It was a big project for me: 24 full color pages, and I had to come up with character designs for the prospector and his mule based on the author’s instructions. The end result is different from anything I’ve done. The process taught me a lot. I made the original sketches on the computer, then printed them out and used a lightbox to ink onto Bristol Board. Digital pencils/traditional brush and ink is a technique I’ve since used for my comics.

It’s a cute story about working together and the value of friendship. I hope I can share a way to purchase it sometime soon.

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015