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I’m back.

Hello everybody!

I got back from a trip to see family in sunny Tucson, Arizona. There’s nothing like seeing all the old people cruising around in their golf carts in the middle of January. It would warm the heart of even the crustiest of grinches.

I usually end up spending at least some time on the campus of the University of Arizona while I’m in Tucson. There is a sandwich shop on 4th Avenue that I never miss – Bison Witches. From there, you can mosey on down to the campus.

This time, I found the space tree. This tree, a photo of which I will add in a future post, was planted in honor of the first flights into space. It is grown from a seed that was on one of the first Apollo missions. The seed was in outer space, and when it came back (along with the humans on the flight), it was planted at the University of Arizona campus. The tree still stands, proving two things. First, space monsters don’t eat seeds. Second, space monsters don’t possess seeds. The tree is totally normal; it does not pull itself out of the ground at night to feast on the flesh of college coeds. At least, so far it hasn’t.

Welcome back, everyone.


I was beginning to worry that our tree wasn’t going to bloom this year.  After all, the neighbor’s tree had been in full bloom for over a week.  Did that make our tree feel inferior?bloomtown3 Apparently not.  Our tree was simply biding its time.  In the past three days the familiar flowers have unfurled from their conelike cocoons.bloomtownbloomtown2

When I sit in the living room I can hear bumble bees tink against the window.  And the best part of the summer has begun.

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friday robots: tree of life edition

The weather is warming and the trees are beginning to bud.  Here are two robots that celebrate the beginning of renewed life this year.friday-robots-3-11-11
And, because I love you so, these are the original sketches for today’s robots.  I kind of like the “wooden robot” in the sketch better than the second time around.  These were drawn with a ball-point pen on scrap paper; somehow fitting for treelike robots.friday-robot-sketches-wood-tree
Happy Friday everybody!

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tree of life

I made this drawing using a new kind of marker called TOUCH. These markers were free samples I got at ComicCon. One of the coolest things about ComicCon, which nobody told me about beforehand, was the free art supplies that were handed to me just for being there.

I recommend these markers for anyone who likes COPIC or PRISMACOLOR. They have a more brush-like tip, and the colors are vibrant and deep.

ipad sketches

Trees and sky and oddly circular clouds. I’ve been experimenting with the Sketchbook Pro app.image



two new coloring pages

In my ongoing effort to create coloring pages for every character LQ requests, I have made a Finding Dory scene (LQ, when asked which characters she wanted, said “Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and that’s it”).

I also made a autumn scene with a tree and all the animals who depend on it, from the book Tree, by Britta Teckentrup. If you haven’t seen her books yet, you are in for a treat. They definitely reward repeat readings.