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Out the Plane Window

Make no mistake, I hate airports. I hate the rules, I hate the crowds, the overwhelming security hassles, the overpriced (yet still surprisingly crappy) food. If I had an extra billion dollars, I’d invest in railroad infrastructure, then run the airlines out of business. It shouldn’t be hard, they’re already bankrupt.

That said, I do enjoy looking out the window of an airplane. When the airport is a distant memory, I can enjoy the view. You get to see the land you know from a totally different perspective, and you can see how it is all connected. Seeing the Western landscape from above answered any questions I had about how it was formed. You can see the canyons, the dry riverbeds, the mountains. Once I saw the meteor crater in Northern Arizona.

It’s come in handy when I try to visualize how Falling Rock National Park might look.

Below is a sketch of central Oregon. I couldn’t tell if the river was dry or running.central_OR