Zombie Halloween

Zombie went for a little stroll today.

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Tomb of the Zombies on GoComics

tomb-of-the-zombies-cover-lowMy dream as a kid was to be a syndicated cartoonist. Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip some of you may remember, ran via Universal Press Syndicate. Now known by its 21st century name uclick, it’s one of the very few remaining syndicates. They have wisely diversified into both the book publishing world and online.

GoComics is pretty much the best place to read comics on the internet. They have many of the syndicated superstars and they also occasionally take a chance on Kid Nobody from Palookaville. Well I’m here to tell you that this month, I am that Kid!

Kid Shay Comics makes its debut on GoComics this month with the COMPLETE Tomb of the Zombies. I will be posting two pages a week until it is all up. If you haven’t had the chance to read my epic tale of love, redemption, and werewolf manservants, now is the time.

HERE is the link to my page on GoComics. Once you’re done reading the most current page, you can click right over to see what La Cucaracha is up to.


the complete works available digitally


Although I dipped my toe in the water of ebook publishing earlier this year, it was not until the fine folks at Alternative Comics stepped in that I had a clear plan for digital distribution.

Beginning today, you can get Tomb of the Zombies and Falling Rock National Park #1 on the Alternative Comics website.

In the coming months you’ll see more and more of my books available until they’re all there, for a buck or two, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let’s see if I can get more downloads than Kanye.

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tomb of the zombies review

A very nice review of Tomb of the Zombies right here.

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Tomb of the Zombies IS HERE

The headline does not lie.  This morning I drove to the venerable Portland institution, Brown Printing, and picked up six boxes of the good stuff.
And by “good stuff” I of course mean zombie books:
The order form is up, so please order early and often.
You too can live like the 1% with your very own copy of Tomb of the Zombies:
Who am I, some kind of ad man?
Nah, I only sell books I believe in, like those drawn by me.
Tomb of the Zombies is the funniest story about the living dead since Joyce.
Read it now before it gets made into a major motion picture starring Rashida Jones as Kate and Alan Rickman as Levon the werewolf.

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Tomb of the Zombies order up!

Hello dear readers,
I wanted to let you know I’ve posted Tomb of the Zombies over at my Buy Books page.  It’s $12 (plus 3 for shipping) and will ship just as soon as I pick up the books from the printer.  Should be later this week!  Right now it’s a preorder; soon, though, it will become a regular order.  So goes the gestation of a book.  Order away, and I will let you know as soon as they’re in the mail!

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Tomb of the Zombies cover and one-sheet

In an attempt to bring you, dear readers, up to date on all the latest zombie news here at Falling Rock National Blog, I present the cover of my graphic novel Tomb of the Zombies:
This book was at least two years in the making, although in reality it was much longer.  I originally got the idea back when I lived in Colorado.  Initially, there was going to be a storyline in The Family Monster in which Dee discovers a group of zombies break-dancing in the shadow of a pyramid.  They were being forced to dance by a man who hoped to take this novel act to Vegas and make a million bucks.  The story was totally solid, no doubt about it, but it was far too long to present in daily installments of four panels.  I shelved the idea.

Later, after I finished my pirate comic book Dancing With Jack Ketch, I decided that my next project had to involve zombies.  I dug through my old notebooks to find what I had written and promptly started from scratch.  You may have noticed, however, that the Ancient Egyptian motif remains intact.

As a teaser, here is a one-sheet I made up while still in the middle of drawing Tomb of the Zombies.  I took this around ComicCon in 2010 to try and drum up interest among publishers.
Keep checking back for ordering information!  Soon you will have this book in your hot little hands.

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Tomb of the Zombies coming soon

My first full-length graphic novel since Dancing with Jack Ketch, Tomb of the Zombies, is going to be released soon. I’m self-publishing at the venerable Portland printing shop Brown Printing. More details, including ordering information, coming in the next week!