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friday robots 11-29-13I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
For the rest of the world, you really ought to eat a big meal with family and friends, no matter the excuse.
Have a great weekend everybody!

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friday robots

Most days Friday Robots want to take over the world.  Occasionally, though, Friday Robots kick back, eat some leftover turkey, and watch Mad Men marathons.  Today is definitely the latter for Friday Robots.

Even though Friday Robots are not actively plotting conquests, they want to extend their thanks to those among you who have to work this holiday weekend.  Without people working, Friday would be just another word on the calendar, and Friday Robots would just be robots.friday-robots-11-27-10

We hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.
Be nice to the clerks and salespeople this weekend!

being thankful for rickman

Alan Rickman is back!

It took me a few days to realize why this blog has been reaching an unprecedented number of views lately.  Turns out it’s all due to Sir Alan Rickman.

As a few of you know, the new Harry Potter movie was recently released into the suburbs.  It has done pretty well there.  The media hype is, unsurprisingly, focused on Alan Rickman.  As this blog is THE source for all things Rickman, it is the first destination of many a Potterhead.

So here you go, a pre-Thanksgiving dose of The Man, Rick:alan rickman alan rickman ladder
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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those aren’t pillows

planestrainsautomobiles_03 As my two favorite blogs both sent out such nice Thanksgiving messages today, I wanted to join in the cheer. Thanks to all of you, my dear readers. Without you I’d just be some crackpot; with you I am a respected blogger. You make all the difference in the world.

It’s raining today, making it perfect for staying indoors, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as a few long-time favorite movies. From all of us at Falling Rock, have a great day.

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could be worse

We have a lot to be thankful for, including not having to deal with any of these guys. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!yellow-submarine-blue-meanie space-creature simpsons+shining_13 shining_jack_stare seven-samurai predator jurassic-park-t-rex jason9