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the incredibly true story of smokey the bear

Reid made a colossal find recently. He found, in comic book form, the entirely true story of Smokey the Bear. Now some of you interneters, with your wikipedias and your factcheck.orgs, are going to refute some of these details. But I will stand by the words of the wise old hawk who tells Smokey’s origin story. For your reading pleasure, I give you The True Story of Smokey Bear!

If anyone has information regarding the writers and artists of this publication, please let me know! I’d like to think the wise old hawk wasn’t inking this all by himself.


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friday robots: welcome back to falling rock edition

Desert robots this week. Unfortunately they are about to be devoured by a rock monster, but hey, that’s the circle of life. Desert robots become dessert robots.friday-robots-8-14-9Monday August 17th marks the beginning of new Falling Rock comics for the year! Be sure to check for the daily comic.

I’m excited to be drawing Falling Rock again after the summer break. Fear not, dear readers, this blog will still be updated regularly.

Be safe!smokey