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I will once again be at San Diego ComicCon next week, July 17-21! Stop by and see me at table 0-6 in the Small Press Pavilion. I will have issues of Falling Rock, including the brand-new issue 8, dinosaurs in space prints and coloring book, and my two graphic novels.


meet me in san diego

Next week is San Diego Comic-Con!
From July 8-12, you can find me in the Small Press Pavilion, table O-6.
Stop by, say hello, tell me about the best panel you saw.

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sdcc-2013-josh-shalekThis month is July, which means the San Diego Comic-Con is a-comin’.
From July 17-21, you can find me stationed at table O-6 in the Small Press Pavilion.
If, like last year, Joss Whedon trudges by my table, I’ve got a great pitch for AVENGERS 2.
I don’t want to give it all away just yet, but it involves both a surprise 90th birthday party for Captain America and the Hulk’s favorite stretchy sweat pants.
In 3D!