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Now this is a good way to end the year 2010:  I got linked to by The Daily Cross Hatch!

Right here.

Not only am I pleased with the mention, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the fantastic company I’m in.  Ruben Bolling, Tom Gauld, Toby Jones, and Matt Bors!  I’m not sure how I’ll top this feat in 2011.


falling rock year 4 highlights

This has been a decidedly superlative year for Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

I published my fourth book, See America First!, to rave reviews.

Two great comic shows, APE in fall 2009 and Stumptown in spring 2010.

Out of thousands of entries, I made it to the Top 50 comics in the Comic Strip Superstar contest.

I turned 30.

The liberal media decided it kind of likes me.  (Here, here, here.)

My fourth year of drawing Falling Rock has definitely been my most productive.  I feel like I know the characters, which means I spend less time thinking about how they will act and more on what stories to tell.  This is the fun part of writing.  As for the pictures, I’m happy with the pens I’m using, and the drawings look more like what is in my head.  Not completely there yet, but I’m getting closer every panel.

I’m upbeat about the way the strip is going.  I love the format of a daily, jokey comic strip.  Even though I’ve drawn one comic strip or another since 2002, I still don’t find it stifling or boring – I get to say exactly what I want, in the best possible way.  Every time I sit down to write for Carver, Ernesto, Pam, Melissa, and Park Ranger Dee, I see new possibilities.  Their world keeps expanding, in delightful ways. 

Next year I hope to use Mr. Miserable and the park hippie a little more.

Oh, I suppose if I had my druthers I’d make people listen to certain songs while reading my comics, like a movie soundtrack.  But really, I can see why the comic strip has flourished for the past 100 years.  If done well, it never gets old.  The permutations are endless.  (Just like the three minute rock song.)

Thank you for being dear readers.



Once again your friendly neighborhood blogger is here to remind you that he is, in fact, living below the poverty line. You see, the poverty line is way up there, and I can just make it out from where I’m standing.

So why not check out all this cool gear for not-quite-last-minute gift ideas?

Books! Falling Rock book collections are handsomely bound and perfect for the nature enthusiast in all of us. Not enthused about nature? These books are printed on paper, which is made from dead trees.*

Shirts! CafePress has enabled me to slap Friday Robots and select other designs all over their stuff. Isn’t that nice of them?

Thanks, and come again!

*Actually they’re printed on recycled paper, but you don’t have to tell.

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just in time for the holidays

Still have gaps in your gift-giving list? There’s still time to order one of my books for that special someone in your life. Imagine how happy they will be when, instead of getting that polyester Christmas tree sweater that’ll just molder in the closet all year, they unwrap a hilarious comic strip collection! Falling Rock is funny all year long.*

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