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2011-01-11-falling-rock-national-park Today’s strip owes a lot to my friend Haley, who once referred to Boulder, Colorado as a bustling metropolis.  She said that very phrase to me as we sat in “rush hour traffic,” which consisted of three cars at a traffic light.  Haley later moved to Montana, which is bustling in terms of cows and horses, but not people.

Falling Rock’s “one summer park ranger” is an oblique reference to Ed Abbey, the unofficial poet laureate of Falling Rock National Park.  If you haven’t already rushed to your local bookstore or library, go now and check out Desert Solitaire.  One of the very best books written about the American Southwest.ed-abbey

Finally, Selmer, the oldest squirrel in Falling Rock, is named after Selmer Kittelson.  Selmer would have made a good squirrel.

It’s a threefer today at Falling Rock!  Also known as a hat trick.  Very rare, and sure to be a collector’s item.

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selmer kittelson, video star

In my continuing effort to be the source for Selmer Kittelson, I present to you a cornucopia of Selmer media today. Above is the Falling Rock strip from January 12th, featuring “Selmer, the oldest squirrel in Falling Rock.”

Next up, a super YouTube clip my friend (and Selmer’s grandson) Andy found the other day.

I’m not sure what that metal thing was originally for, but it does make a great sound.

Finally, this video which features a discussion about a wood rat. He’s not an indoor animal at all.

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selmer kittelson

selmer-and-pat 1924-2009selmer-pat-johnPictured: top, with his wife, Pat and below with Pat and son John. (Don’t ask about the ice pack.)