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See America First! digital edition

see-america-book-coverHot on the heels of my first ebook, Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, comes See America First!
See America First! was one of the most popular books I ever made. Unsurprisingly, it was also one of the first books that went out of print.
Like Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, I have meticulously gone over the comics for this collection, correcting small errors that got past me in the first printing. I redrew a few things as well, though not nearly as many as Welcome. Turns out I am getting better at drawing!see-america-book-back-coverSee America First! is priced at $1.99, a full four dollars less than the print version.
Unlike a standard definition episode of NCIS on iTunes, See America First! is totally hi-def.
Buy it HERE on iTunes.
Buy it HERE on Amazon.


where i’m blogging from

You may have noticed that the rate of posting on this here blog has dramatically dropped in the past few weeks.  I have not forgotten you, dear readers.  Rather, I have been hard at work putting together two books for upcoming conventions in April.

MoCCA, April 9-10, in New York
Stumptown Comics Fest, April 16-17, right here in Portland

Oh, you were wondering about the books?  My pirate story Dancing With Jack Ketch officially sold out last year, it’s going into second print.  I’ve taken advantage of the large-format scanner at my place of daytime employment to scan the originals in directly, so the finished product will look even better this time around.  Plus there’s a chipboard cover!  So there’s plenty of reason to be excited about that.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on the fifth Falling Rock book collection.  It will be in the same format as last year’s mega-blockbuster See America First! Chipboard cover, recycled paper, soy inks, delicious creamy filling.  The comics have been carefully selected by a team of ninja physicists as the best from the 2010-2011 year.

And of course there is a new batch of Falling Rock comics that are just about ready to come out of the oven.  April will be a big month.

Fear not, dear readers, this blog will have plenty of news in the coming weeks.


happy july fourth from falling rock

From all of us at Falling Rock National Park, happy birthday America!
see-america-first-brown-paper-lowFor extra patriotism, imagine fireworks exploding above this book while a marching band plays Irving Berlin and bald eagles swoop around.

books for sale

I just checked Powells City of Books; they only have 4 copies left of See America First!  If you find yourself in that bookstore anytime soon be sure to grab a copy before they’re all gone.  You can find them in the Green Room!

Big news on the book front: See America First! is now on sale in the great city of Los Angeles!  Meltdown Comics and Collectibles, a behemoth comic shop on Sunset Boulevard, has begun stocking my book.  Many thanks to to their brilliant buyers; now let’s make sure they don’t regret their choice.  SoCal fans of Falling Rock, make sure to patronize the heck out of Meltdown.

And for Oregon fans who live west of Portland and east of the Pacific Ocean, Amazing Stories of Astoria now carries Falling Rock books.  Astoria, as you may well know, is the filming location and setting for The Goonies.  I am thrilled beyond belief to be associated, however tangentially, with that fine film.  Be sure to check out Amazing Stories, located in historic downtown Astoria.

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write-up in coin-op

Pinball Publishing has done a swell write-up of my latest Falling Rock book, See America First!

Here is the story.
pinball book interiors
And here is where you can purchase your very own copy of See America First!

falling rock year 4 highlights

This has been a decidedly superlative year for Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

I published my fourth book, See America First!, to rave reviews.

Two great comic shows, APE in fall 2009 and Stumptown in spring 2010.

Out of thousands of entries, I made it to the Top 50 comics in the Comic Strip Superstar contest.

I turned 30.

The liberal media decided it kind of likes me.  (Here, here, here.)

My fourth year of drawing Falling Rock has definitely been my most productive.  I feel like I know the characters, which means I spend less time thinking about how they will act and more on what stories to tell.  This is the fun part of writing.  As for the pictures, I’m happy with the pens I’m using, and the drawings look more like what is in my head.  Not completely there yet, but I’m getting closer every panel.

I’m upbeat about the way the strip is going.  I love the format of a daily, jokey comic strip.  Even though I’ve drawn one comic strip or another since 2002, I still don’t find it stifling or boring – I get to say exactly what I want, in the best possible way.  Every time I sit down to write for Carver, Ernesto, Pam, Melissa, and Park Ranger Dee, I see new possibilities.  Their world keeps expanding, in delightful ways. 

Next year I hope to use Mr. Miserable and the park hippie a little more.

Oh, I suppose if I had my druthers I’d make people listen to certain songs while reading my comics, like a movie soundtrack.  But really, I can see why the comic strip has flourished for the past 100 years.  If done well, it never gets old.  The permutations are endless.  (Just like the three minute rock song.)

Thank you for being dear readers.

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falling rock closes the book on year 4

Today is the end of the fourth year of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.  It’s been a great year!  Carver, Ernesto, Pam, Melissa, and Park Ranger Dee will return in August will all new adventures.

Fear not, subscribers.  I will be posting on this blog all summer long.  Friday Robots, witty tangents, subtle digs at Michael Bay, and loving tributes to whatever cereal I’m eating at the time will continue unabated.

Just because Falling Rock is on hiatus for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that sweet, sun-blasted goodness.  Just pick up one of my books!  Either online or at Powells City of Books.  I know you’ll like

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the onion av club review

see-america-first-brown-paper-low The first review of See America First! has been published, by no less than the venerable AV Club: COMICS PANEL April 23, 2010 (scroll down to find it). This is my second Chicago connection in a matter of weeks; my stock in the Windy City is apparently on the rise.see-america-first-powellsA full recap of Stumptown Comics Fest is on the way! Stay tuned.

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see america first at powells

powells storeYou can now order See America First online or in person from Powells City of Books!see-america-first-powells
Order here.
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friday robots

see-america-first-brown-paper-low Make sure to buy my book, See America First!friday-robots-4-16-10

City robots again this week. Buildings in this montage hail from Portland and the Bonneville Dam.

This week’s and last week’s robots have been among the more complex drawings I’ve done for Friday Robots. I draw the robots, then scan them in to Photoshop. I collage a cityscape in Photoshop using photos I’ve taken over the years, then print it out in two segments (foreground and background). Then I trace the buildings on tracing paper, then scan in the traced outlines. I use the Cutout tool (one of my favorite filters) on the building photo montage to remove some of the more distracting details. For this drawing I also scanned in a sky of blue Prismacolor pencil. Each element – the photos of the buildings, the robots, the drawn outlines of the buildings, and the blue “sky” – is in its own layer in Photoshop. Actually, there are two layers for the buildings and traced building outlines because there is a foreground and background.

I move everything around until it looks pleasant, then save a small file for the web. Voila, Friday Robots. I’m probably making this more complicated than it has to be, but I don’t know what I’m going for until I’m already partway done with the drawing. If I ever have to do this again, it will be a breeze.