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Rose City ComicCon 2015

rose city 2015
It doesn’t get much more Portland than a comic convention in the autumn. I rode the MAX to the show, which gets me slightly fewer PDX Points than riding my bike there.

Since Stumptown’s last hurrah, I’ve been looking for a Portland show to replace it. Rose City has found its footing as the new comics show not just for indie folk like myself, but for local publishers and a handful of bona fide celebrities as well. Big Bird! Princess Leia! Now I want to see the Sesame Street/Star Wars crossover.

My first Rose City was an incredibly pleasant experience, one that I hope to have again next year.

Blog comic con

Rose City ComicCon

This weekend I will be at the Rose City ComicCon.
Stop by my table, O12 in Artist Alley!
rccc-15-logoThis is the first year I’ve tabled at Rose City.
I’ve heard good things and, since the dissolution of Stumptown, I haven’t had a permanent Portland convention.
I hope this will be the one!