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Friday Robots have come out of retirement for today. These robots are in honor of my dear friend Ian Kennedy, who was always an ardent supporter of my little end of week tradition. Ian, I’m sending these robots to you.
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Today I thought I’d take a good long look at what makes me tick.  I drew the things that I keep going back to, the things that inspire me year after year.  I’m not including bands (The Beatles) or cartoonists (Bill Watterson).  I consider these as topics of inspiration rather than individual entities.  Lincoln, of course, is bigger than a man (and he was a pretty big man).


signs of the robot apocalypse

In anticipation of Friday Robots, here are a few signs the machines are about to rise up against us.  You might want to print this out, laminate it, and keep it in your pocket for quick reference.

-your Windows computer gives you system errors

-there is a strange “tone” you hear every time you pick up a conventional phone

-you see robots crouching in nearby bushes, waiting in ambush

-tomorrow’s coffee is slightly warmer, or slightly colder, than usual

-you overhear a group of robots talking about overthrowing the human race


Once the robots are in control of us puny humans, there is no hope.  Try to befriend at least one robot per week before the revolution, and maybe you’ll land a sweet gig in the Grand High Robot Council.  You can thank me later.

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when robots attack

In the not so distant future…

Robots are coming, and you’d better get the hell out of Staples unless you want to meet a sour demise.

Also, stay out of school unless you want a robot to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.SKOREA-PHILIPPINES-ROBOT-EDUCATION-TECHNOLOGY-OFFBEAT

I’m beginning to feel like the dinosaur who looked down at the small mammals at his feet and thought, “I’m not long for this world.”