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I just checked Powells City of Books; they only have 4 copies left of See America First!  If you find yourself in that bookstore anytime soon be sure to grab a copy before they’re all gone.  You can find them in the Green Room!

Big news on the book front: See America First! is now on sale in the great city of Los Angeles!  Meltdown Comics and Collectibles, a behemoth comic shop on Sunset Boulevard, has begun stocking my book.  Many thanks to to their brilliant buyers; now let’s make sure they don’t regret their choice.  SoCal fans of Falling Rock, make sure to patronize the heck out of Meltdown.

And for Oregon fans who live west of Portland and east of the Pacific Ocean, Amazing Stories of Astoria now carries Falling Rock books.  Astoria, as you may well know, is the filming location and setting for The Goonies.  I am thrilled beyond belief to be associated, however tangentially, with that fine film.  Be sure to check out Amazing Stories, located in historic downtown Astoria.

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powells storeYou can now order See America First online or in person from Powells City of Books!see-america-first-powells
Order here.
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for sale in stores, online: neat book

A shoutout to the first shops to carry See America First!see-america-first-powells

In Portland, Powells City of Books (pictured), Floating World Comics, Reading Frenzy, Cosmic Monkey Comics, and Guapo Comics and Coffee. Whew! Proof that the Portland comics scene is alive and kicking. Coming soon to Chicago and Tucson. And as always, it ships worldwide if you order from my website.see-america-first-brown-paper-low
Thank you if you’ve already ordered a copy of See America First! or my other Falling Rock book collections. I’ll be at Stumptown Comics Fest this April 24th and 25th, so if you’re in Portland that weekend you can pick up your copy in person.

I want you to know how much it means to me that my comic strip, Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, has steadily gained popularity over the past four years. Same goes for this here blog. I never thought more than two people would read what I put here, but in fact lots do. What I need now is income to continue the good work that goes on here.

I’m not asking for charity. All I’m asking is that you buy See America First! or one of my other fine Falling Rock book collections from my website. It’s easy, secure, and fun (to read).

For the extraordinary price of $8 – much less than that IKEA couch you’ve been lusting after – you get some funny comics and a promise of more to come. A fairer deal I cannot imagine.



Hello friends of Falling Rock. I’ve been working hard to bring you two book collections of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park. One got back from the printer’s on Friday and the second will (hopefully) print tomorrow.

This is the first time I’ve collected my comic strip in bound form. Yes! No searching for a newspaper, no typing my name into the vast spaces of the Innertube. You will soon be able to read Falling Rock as never before: with staples.

The first book is called The Great Wave of Falling Rock (after that Hokusai print). It is long format, 7 x 10. It contains 50 sparkly comics. The second book is the pocket-sized Owl and Other Comics (after Mr. Ginsberg’s Howl).

I will have a link up on my website for purchase very soon. If you just can’t wait, email me and I will send them to you. They will also be available at Powell’s City of Books right here in Portland, Oregon (again, more detailed links to follow).

These are exciting times for the residents of Falling Rock National Park. But please, do not feed the animals.