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When my partner blogger McBone asked me if I could make a gay pride Jolly Roger for Edward Teach’s Facebook page, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. McBone and I have been co-captaining Blackbeard’s online profile for the past few years and we take our job very seriously. When it came to inclusiveness, pirates were far ahead of their time. Former slaves, women, Jews…the more the merrier. I have no doubt Ed Teach wouldn’t have thought twice about including a gay or lesbian among his legendary crew. My only aim was to make this Jolly Roger worthy of Blackbeard’s name.
Feel free to use this pirate pride flag. After all, who am I to quash piracy of a pirate flag?

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Today I thought I’d take a good long look at what makes me tick.  I drew the things that I keep going back to, the things that inspire me year after year.  I’m not including bands (The Beatles) or cartoonists (Bill Watterson).  I consider these as topics of inspiration rather than individual entities.  Lincoln, of course, is bigger than a man (and he was a pretty big man).

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dancing with jack ketch second printing

dancing with jack ketch 2nd print

I didn’t want last week’s big announcement of Scenic Byways to crowd out the equally exciting news that my pirate story, Dancing With Jack Ketch, is now available again!

jack ketch 2nd print

Now in its second print, Dancing With Jack Ketch tells the story of Jackson Donfaire, an escaped slave who eventually becomes a pirate captain.

I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to fix up Jack Ketch.  It was only my second foray into self-publishing, and I wanted, with this print, to make Jack Ketch as special as my Falling Rock collections.

jack ketch interior

I re-scanned all the pages in glorious HD, re-did the front pages and added a final spread, and re-did the back cover.  All of this was printed with care by the fine folks at Pinball Press.  The second printing of Jack Ketch is kind of a new reading experience.

Dancing With Jack Ketch is available for purchase through my online order form, and I will have copies at MoCCA and Stumptown this month!  Look for it!  Look for me!

Blog comic The Family Monster

pirates! invade The Family Monster

Here’s another storyline from my old strip, The Family Monster. I’m having fun looking through these. Sometimes they even surprise me by being good. Take this story, where pirates crash in the desert and need Dee, Monster, Dirch and Eggman to help them get going again.

If you look closely, you can see my old web address. And look! It still exists!
2003-11-10-the-family-monster 2003-11-11-the-family-monster 2003-11-12-the-family-monster 2003-11-13-the-family-monster 2003-11-14-the-family-monster 2003-11-17-the-family-monster 2003-11-18-the-family-monster 2003-11-19-the-family-monster 2003-11-20-the-family-monster 2003-11-21-the-family-monster 2003-11-24-the-family-monster 2003-11-25-the-family-monster 2003-11-26-the-family-monster

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avec parrot

As a rule of thumb I jump at the chance to have my picture taken with a parrot, stuffed or otherwise.josh-and-parrot

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pirates painting

Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Ye be warned!