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What follows are a few pages of a children’s book I was hired to illustrate back in 2015. The book hasn’t hit shelves yet, so I am omitting the text and only presenting the art as an example of my work. I drew these on two sets of pages, the ink outlines on one and the watercolors on another. I then put them together digitally.
It was a big project for me: 24 full color pages, and I had to come up with character designs for the prospector and his mule based on the author’s instructions. The end result is different from anything I’ve done. The process taught me a lot. I made the original sketches on the computer, then printed them out and used a lightbox to ink onto Bristol Board. Digital pencils/traditional brush and ink is a technique I’ve since used for my comics.

It’s a cute story about working together and the value of friendship. I hope I can share a way to purchase it sometime soon.

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015
24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015
24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015
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goodnight moon: the movie

After the undisputed success of Where the Wild Things Are, the film adaptation of the classic Maurice Sendak picture book, Hollywood is working overtime trying to dig up other classic picture books to make into movies. Good news for movie lovers: the next book to be appearing on the silver screen is Margaret Wise Brown’s action-packed bedtime story Goodnight Moon.
goodnight-moon1Goodnight Moon is ripe for adaptation. The plot involves a bunny saying goodnight to all the things surrounding him in his overly large bedroom. As he mentions each object, it appears before him in stark black and white.goodnight-moon2
Adding superstar power to the production is Leonardo DiCaprio, set to star as the bunny on his way to dreamland.
dicaprio-moonDirected by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, Goodnight Moon will keep all the original intent of the book while adding car chases, gritty gang violence, and an ironic ending that will leave your 3-to-5 year-old both sleepy and satisfied.

Of course a picture book needs to be expanded to fill the two-and-a-half hour runtime expected from Scorsese. The kitties, who in the book play with string in the center of the room, will each get their own subplot. Although details are not yet nailed down, an anonymous source close to Mr. Scorsese tells us that one kitty will be a spy and the other will be a terrorist. Whether or not they will be lovers is not certain.

The moon itself will play a larger role in Goodnight Moon: The Movie. Instead of a glowing disc hovering somewhere beyond the bunny’s house, the moon will be the setting for an epic battle. The stakes are no less than the bunny’s very soul.

Expect big things from Goodnight Moon: The Movie. The project, with a rumored budget of $200 million, will hit theaters just in time for holiday season 2018.goodnight-moon3