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Fight the Evildoers

Riding your bike is an act of defiance. We say we are dependant on petroleum. Instead of waiting for a solution to come down to us, why don’t we take our destiny into our own hands? Yes, it means sacrifice. You get sweaty. You have to deal with motorists who think that, if it isn’t a car, it doesn’t count. But if you can find a way to ride your bike just one or two times a week instead of taking the car, that will have a much greater impact than signing a thousand petitions and walking in a hundred protest marches.
This morning on “Today” they had Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil. As you may already be aware, ExxonMobil is one of, if not the, most profitable company on Earth. They raise the cost of gasoline, post record profits, and make no claims of doing wrong. It’s simple: the demand is there, and they figure they can squeeze more money out of the American people before we all buy electric cars and they become superfluous. Yet to hear this plain-spoken Texan, you’d think he was running a mom-and-pop gas station just off Route 101. Matt Lauer, to his credit, asked prodding questions, but Tillerson brushed them aside. Flies on the windshield. I’ll post this picture of Tillerson so you can give him the finger.tillersonAfter you’re done being angry at these companies who scorn their own customers, get on your bike, go for a walk, take a streetcar or other electric form of public transportation. If you can’t exercise your American right to choose, the terrorists have already won.