notre dame

In the year 2000 I had the great fortune of seeing Notre Dame in person.

When I studied abroad in Scotland I took a short trip to Paris, and wandered the streets without much of a plan. I turned a corner and there was Notre Dame, just sitting there as though it wasn’t one of the most beautiful things in the world. Of course I knew better

Later that night I met a friend and we sat inside the cathedral while the organist played Christmas music. I could feel history as I’d never felt it before. I believe in the importance of art, and of place, and this is possibly the best merger of the two.

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what do i think of f. scott fitzgerald?

He was a great man.  He took me in when I was slumped against his door in the middle of the downpour night.  He clothed me, showed me a new life and a new love.  We skipped stones in Monet’s garden, walked along the Seine at dusk.  There was the paper airplane incident.  We laughed so giddily and so frequently I sometimes wondered if there was a time before this, or if there would be a time after.  I hoped not.  When he told me his stories he substituted my name in for all the characters.  It was confusing.

How I wish I could return to those carefree simple times.  Me and F. Scott Fitzgerald, living together as brothers.