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friday robots: goodbye 2010

Here they are, the very last robots of 2010.  It’s been such a pleasure to bring you new robots every week this year, and I look forward to foisting another 52 or so robots onto an unsuspecting populace in 2011.

Remember: on New Year’s eve, when you’ve had your drink and smoke and injection, beware hitchhiking robots.  They may appear harmless, but once they pile into your beat-up station wagon they will commandeer your mind and force you to do horrible things in 2011.  Things like voting Republican, not recycling, loudly whistling at people you are attracted to and making statements like “Hey baby, I’ve got what you need.”  Don’t make 2011 a year you will regret.  Watch out for robots.

Be safe everyone, and I’ll see you next year!friday-robots-12-31-10friday-robots-12-31-10-2friday-robots-12-31-10-3
Photos used for these robots were taken in (from top to bottom) Oregon (Bend), California (redwoods), California (off the 101), California (APE in San Fransisco), Ohio (Orrville), Ohio (Oberlin).

the oregon boogeyman visits falling rock

This week in Falling Rock National Park, Carver and Ernesto glimpse the rarely-seen Falling Rock Boogeyman.  Here is one of this week’s strips:2011-01-19-falling-rock-national-park

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that a terrifying Boogeyman named John McLoughlin founded the state of Oregon.  When I was looking for reference pictures for the Falling Rock Boogeyman, I eschewed all animals.  Mammals, reptiles, birds: I considered and ultimately rejected them all.  I needed look no further than photos of the man who once ate the unsuspecting children of unincorporated Oregon.  It helps that John McLoughlin is so bogey-esque; I really didn’t have to do much to him but add body fur.mcloughlin1 mcloughlin-oregon
See the resemblance?

stumptown 2013

Welcome…to the Oregon Convention Center!
jurassic park gateThis year Stumptown was held in the tropical rainforest known as the Rose Quarter.
The dinosaur attacks were kept to a minimum, and a safe, fun time was had by all. Life found a way.
Table leftTable rightTable wholejosh shalekThe 10th Stumptown Comics Fest was the fourth I’ve exhibited at, and it was a homecoming of sorts. Stumptown was where I met Kenan and HUGE INDIANA JONES FAN Reid, and where the group of traveling cartoonists I proudly call my friends began. Neil was there with The Plot issues 1 and 2, Tyrell brought the complete Gary, and Matt offered poems on commission (a first for a comics convention?). We were lucky to table in the same block, making ours a hotspot in the center of the convention floor. It was amazing.

I bought and traded for a number of remarkable works of comic art. Here is a pictorial representation of said acquisitions, followed by links for the curious.

Stumptown comics

Li’l Depressed Boy by Sina Grace

Fugue by Beth Hetland

Runner Runner edited by Greg Means

Mara with art by Ming Doyle

Vampires Need Love Too by Brian Cattapan

minis by Mita Mahato

Wings for Wheels edited by Nomi Kane

It Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple

Cat People/Dog People by Hannah Blumenreich

prints by Kevin Uehlein

Simon Immolate by Tyrell and Logan Cannon

John Day National Monument by Matt Sundstrom

Titan by Francois Vigneault

Outfoxed by Dylan Meconis

Space Race by Tom Clohosy Cole

I will close with a print of Captain Picard. Although Patrick Stewart was unable to attend this convention, his spirit hovered over the Oregon Convention Center like a benevolent spacegoing craft.

Picard print

discarded couches of portland

NE Fremont

discarded couches of portland

Not only did I see this floral print couch, but there were two cats nearby: one next door and another across the street. A grand day out!
Discard couch 10-21-14

discarded couches of portland

A bright couch on a grey late October day. It’ll hide the blood stains well.

discarded couches of portland

Just when I thought I’d seen the final couch of the year, this beauty comes along.
Seen off NE Mississippi, with bed frame as a friend.

discarded couches of portland

Ah, the couches of winter. These were sitting near SE 58th and Division.

discarded couches of portland

This freebie seen over the weekend in the Roseway neighborhood.

discarded couches of portland