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good penguin/bad penguin

I’ve seen actual penguins in the wild, and let me tell you: there are the good ones and there are the evil ones. As it is nearly impossible to tell the difference just by looking, Falling Rock National Blog here presents a primer for the layperson.

Falling Rock’s Guide to Penguins.

First we shall see an example of a good penguin. In Oliver Jeffers’ treatise Lost and Found (an important document on Penguin Research cleverly disguised as a picture book), a penguin appears at the door of a young man. The gentleman attempts to help the penguin.lost-and-found-oliver-jeffers2
The young man readies a seaworthy vessel to transport the penguin back to the traditional home for penguins, the South Pole.lost-and-found-oliver-jeffers1
In the end, it turns out the penguin was not looking for home at all. He was looking for a friend. The young man gladly accepts the penguin’s silent request, and a lifelong friendship is born.

Penguins can make excellent friends if they are so inclined. They are so sensitive. If you are lucky enough to have a penguin knock on your door, I highly suggest answering. Though they have no magical powers or gold, penguins are great listeners and loyal to the end.

That is, unless you meet an evil penguin.

Evil PenguinspenguinFeathers McGraw, nemesis to Wallace and Gromit, appeared in the animated short The Wrong Trousers. In it, the evil penguin moves in to their house as a boarder. He soon alienates Gromit with his awful music and atrocious decorating scheme. His true aim is soon discovered: Feathers wants to steal a priceless diamond from the museum and he’s not afraid to use Wallace as his patsy. Feathers is also wanted for crimes too unspeakable and numerous to mention.wallpaper_05_1024
It is impossible to overstate the evilness of this penguin. If you see him, run. Adding to his deviousness, Feathers is known to wear a bright red rubber glove on his head as disguise. This leads the police to put up Wanted posters mistakenly asking “Have you seen this chicken?”

Feathers is the closest penguins get to pure evil. Certainly he has spent time with the most evil men to walk the earth. Who knows from whence his pitch black soul originated; it’s a question that keeps this blogger from sleeping at night.


Thanks to the well-meaning but wrongheaded work of scientists and Morgan Freeman, people assume that penguins are just birds. As we now know, penguins can be divided into two opposing camps: good and evil. The good ones should be welcomed into our homes with open arms, given hot chocolate and a warm blanket. The evil ones should be rounded up and thrown into maximum security zoos.

If you have any questions regarding a penguin near you, refer to this primer. You either have a friend for life or a stone cold nemesis. Either way, good luck.