looking back ten years

I don’t often think about how far I’ve come as an artist. But, it being on the verge of a new decade, I thought I’d see exactly what I was doing ten years ago. In 2009, I released Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, the third comic strip collection of the above-mentioned comic strip.

Here is the cover to that book, as well as one strip that I particularly liked.

Happy 2020 everybody! I hope we all grow into ever more wonderful beings over the next decade.


have a quality new year!

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happy new year!

Another New Year, another chance to DISARM!

I can’t wait to share all the work I’ve been doing these past few months. Soon there will be a brand-new Falling Rock comic book. I’m aiming at having it ready in time for Emerald City Comic-Con in March. Stay tuned for updates. For now, here’s a sneak peek:

falling rock comic book preview

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my list for 2013

Not exhaustive, but at least I got the essentials here.


What I’d like to see more of in 2013:
My new cat Sophia
Live music
Bill Cosby (coming to Portland in May!)
The neighborhood cat, Max
Double Mountain beer
My friends’ awesome mini comics
Palestine recognized as a sovereign nation
Lifetime movies
Hover cars
Wheat grass? I don’t know I’ve never tried it.
Rashida Jones
Bob’s Burgers
Real burgers that I can eat, on a brioche bun

What I’d like to see less of in 2013:
The invocation of the 2nd Amendment
Racism, sexism, xenophobia or any type of fear-based hatred
James Franco
Movies in 3D
My huge ego recognized as a sovereign nation
Animated movies with famous actors phoning-in their lines
Channing Tatum
Signs signs blocking up the scenery breaking my mind

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Another New Year, another chance to remember what’s important.  I like to take today to think about what a much better country this could be without all the guns.
I’m not alone – Dan Bern wrote a funny and truthy song about disarmament.

Last year there were many reasons to heed the sentiments of this song.  In my home state of Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a nutcase who had easy access to as many guns as he wanted.Today, a man shot and killed a park ranger in Mount Rainier National Park.  A National Park!  These spaces were set aside to show us what the Earth is capable of on its best day, and here comes one lunatic with a gun to ruin it all.  But that’s not the worst part.  From the article:

It has been legal for people to take loaded firearms into Mount Rainier since 2010, when a controversial federal law went into effect that made possession of firearms in national parks subject to state gun laws.

You let people take guns into national parks, and what happens?  They shoot other people.

Rage like what I’m feeling right now should be reserved for later in the year, long after the plastic has been ripped off and it’s become scuffed and worn.  New Year’s Day is not supposed to be a day of violence, yet here we are.

So let me go down this well-worn path once more and say, Disarm!  As Vonnegut put it:
We cannot get rid of mankind’s fleetingly evil wishes. We can get rid of the machines that make them come true. I give you a holy word: DISARM.

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happy new year

How best to wish one and all the happiest of new years?
Why, with a crudely drawn figure, of course!
Falling Rock returns January 3rd!  And not a moment too soon.
I always forget who I am when the strip isn’t running.

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Dear Ryan Seacrest

seacrest-2009Grow in your beard. Don’t leave it as one-week stubble.

You don’t look like Indiana Jones.

Please, finish the beard.

Your bearded friend,