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Welcome to Crater Lake National Park

Photo taken from near Garfield Peak. Crater Lake still has some snow drifts; you can see them near the water.crater-lake-map welcome-to-crater-lake

visit falling rock national park!

Inspired by those old WPA posters for National Parks. These, like the mountain drawings from yesterday, are done in Prismacolor marker. They’re outlined with various black pens. I think I’d like to make them even more in that old style. These were pretty fun to imagine, though. Call you local travel agent and try to book a flight to Falling Rock National Park today!come+see+falling+rock come+see+falling+rock2 come+see+falling+rock3 come+see+falling+rock4

why should you See America First?

Behold, the cover to the fourth Falling Rock book collection.see-america-first-brown-paper-low
But why is it called See America First! ? Actually, like most of my best ideas, I stole this one from the railroads.see-america-first-glacier-national-park
See America First was an advertising campaign begun in 1906 by the Great Northern Railway, an effort to lure well-heeled Easterners to the new(ish) national parks in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and California. Previously they had been spending their riches all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, vacationing in lush Switzerland and Poland, among other European countries.

The ads were incredibly successful; thousands of people purchased train tickets West instead of plane tickets to Europe. The national parks achieved a much-needed attendance boost and the railroads saw a tidy profit. Everybody was a winner.

Today, a little more than a hundred years later, Falling Rock National Park needs a similar influx of visitors. Since you can only visit Falling Rock by reading the comic strip, I suggest you purchase a copy of See America First! online or in one of the comic book shops that carry my fine publications.

See America First! will be available very soon; expect an announcement regarding availability in the coming week.see-america-first-mt-rainier

the legacy of president w bush

The man who shot and killed a park ranger in Mount Rainier National Park turns out to be a suicidal Iraq War veteran.  He is dead too, though it was due to freezing to death and not another gun.

Go ahead, W.  Take a good long look at your legacy:
I’m not just talking about the fact that people are allowed to bring guns into national parks, although that in itself is pretty heinous.  I’m talking about the unnecessary Iraq War, the Iraqi lives it ended, and the American veterans who came home damaged beyond repair.

So, to sum it up:
1. Guns are bad.
2. War is worse.

President W. Bush pushed for both of these things, and this is the result.  A legacy?  A tragedy maybe; certainly not what I’d want as a token of my presidency.

On a completely related note: President Obama ended the Iraq War in 2011.  I just thought I’d mention that, as it didn’t get much press at the time.

new convention poster

Those of you who have seen me at conventions will no doubt be familiar with the Falling Rock Show Poster.  It is patterned after the brochures you get upon entering any of this country’s grand national parks or monuments.  For the very first time, I will be exhibiting at Comic-Con in San Diego (July 11-15).

My poster, while serviceable for smaller shows, was not going to cut it in the San Diego convention center.  Therefore, I have ordered a 4 foot wide banner and stand that will be as a beacon for the comic-hungry masses.  May it draw them toward me and may they be satisfied by my humble offerings.

Of course I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit the poster itself.  I redrew the pictures of Ernesto and Carver, inking them with a brush and coloring the background with watercolor.  The result, I think, is even more dynamic than the original.  Introducing the design for my new show banner:
I hope to see so many of you in San Diego! Just look for this banner and you’ll find me.

see falling rock!

business-card-front-JAN14-color-borderI’ve been working on new cards to hand out at conventions. This isn’t the final design, but I liked it enough to share.
Gearing up for a huge convention year! Hope to see you all out in the great big world.




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park notes

These past few weeks I’ve begun work on Falling Rock issue 4. I have three longer stories which are all in various stages of completion. I think I’ll use whichever I finish writing first. Right now the top contender is a story involving a couple new characters, including a very famous cryptid.
This part of the process is always exciting. I have a few ideas which may or may not turn out, but everything I’m doing is pure creation.
In addition to the longer stories, I have a few single page stories (or “gags”). Maybe I’ll do a future issue comprised exclusively of these.
It’s fun to think about what a new issue will look like. I haven’t done anything too high-concept yet, but these are still early days. What issue will be my Sgt. Pepper? 100?

In other news, Cryptozoology News reported a sighting of a giant lizard-man in the desert. I couldn’t help but think it was the world’s first Ernesto sighting. Keep your eyes peeled, dear readers! The next time you’re hiking in the desert you may have a close encounter with a very tall lizard wearing a baseball jersey.

Falling Rock Public Radio



The long national nightmare is finally over.
Falling Rock National Park, issue 4, has arrived.
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This issue includes a story about Carver hunting the elusive Desert Yeti, Ernesto giving sage advice to an aspiring writer, and a press conference. The thrills never end!
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