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pretty girls and fancy ketchup

One night not long ago Isis and I chose to pateronize a local burger joint. Their special, house-made ketchup was every bit as delicious as advertized. There was, however, one small glitch in an otherwise delightful dining experience.

Upon receiving our fries, we were handed small containers of what can only be described as a devil’s stew. Ketchup mixed with mayonnaise. Why they chose to give this to us, when there was plenty of fancy ketchup lying around, remains a mystery.

Knowing what a monstrosity this was, I texted a photo of both the devil’s brew and one of Isis holding the bottle of fancy ketchup to mayo-free partner blogger McBone. He responded by sending me a photo of his sometimes-popular wife holding a bottle of their spicy (fancy) ketchup. A┬ámeme was born.

A good meme deserves to be shared. McBone and I are proud to present: Pretty Girls with Fancy Ketchup. No mayo allowed.

Portland Ketchup Company

Maya Kaimal Spicy Ketchup