foldy comic is up!

I have arrived.  My brand new foldy comic has now been posted on the official Five-Page Folded Mini-Comic website.  This is only my second foldy comic, but it will not be my last.

Malcolm Gladwell has long been a nemesis of mine.  With his hair reminiscent of a certain foxy jazz singer, his connections to The New Yorker, and his using of cheap English Major tricks, I find him both aggravating and oddly alluring.  There are certainly less talented people who are famous, but I don’t think many of them aspire to be the Humanities’ Carl Sagan.  And so I use my tiny folded pulpit to poke fun at a man who has perhaps achieved a greater fame than his methods deserve.

Read, enjoy, and, if you happen to be Malcolm Gladwell, please don’t sue.

Blog comic

new foldy comic coming soon

It’s been a while since my last five-page folded minicomic.  Ernesto and Cookie Monster’s special message is still a fan favorite.  I wanted to make another “message” comic but waited until I had something truly important to say.  After all, the foldy comic form should not be desecrated with half-witted ideas or half-baked art.

Lo and behold, an idea came to me.  Malcolm Gladwell, my blogging nemesis, seemed ripe for parody.

For the full comic you’ll have to wait until Kenan, my friend and creator of the foldy comic, posts it on the official Five-Page Folded Mini-Comic website.  Until then, here is a panel to whet the ol’ appetite. gladwell-foldy

Oh, Malcolm Gladwell.  You’re so full of yourself.