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coloring pages: scuffy and tootle

I’m separating these coloring pages because these are far and away LQ’s favorite characters. Scuffy and Tootle are each the star of their respective Little Golden Book. Both books are written by Gertrude Crampton and illustrated by Tibor Gergely. My undying gratitude goes out to them; they created characters that truly captured LQ’s heart and imagination.

scuffy the tugboat

A little Scuffy the tugboat fan art. Practicing my digital coloring.

Stephen King’s IT: A Little Golden Book Classic

Little Golden Book Stephen King's IT

Sometimes I get an idea that’s too much fun not to do. In this case, it was a Little Golden Book adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. I took the character designs from the new film. I’d be very interested to work on a G-rated version of that story, if only for the creative challenge.

Little Golden Book Pet Sematary

My idea for a Pet Sematary Little Golden Book. You know, for kids!

Little Golden Book: ‘Salem’s Lot

Another in the series of Stephen King Little Golden Book adaptations! This is for ‘Salem’s Lot, a real scary book and one of my favorite vampire stories of all time.