Dear Mr. Watterson

This is my Julie & Julia moment. Falling Rock National Park has made its big screen debut. If you are able to see the new full-length documentary Dear Mr. Watterson, do so! Falling Rock shows up among a number of comics that have been influenced by the venerable creator of Calvin and Hobbes.
Dear Mr. Watterson
Those of you who know me, either through this blog or in person, know what a huge influence Bill Waaterson’s work has on everything I draw. Calvin and Hobbes was not the first comic strip I ever read, but it was the one that changed my life. Garfield got me into reading comics, and Calvin and Hobbes made me realize I should be MAKING comics.

Although I have not yet seen Dear Mr. Watterson, I am anxiously awaiting the time when it moves from the festival circuit, where it has been making the rounds, to a theatrical release. If any of you dear readers have seen it, let me know! I’m curious how Falling Rock looks on the big screen.